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I'm so looking forward of the life of entering the last year of high school! This year meant so different for me; it means I am going to farewell to my school life, my high school teachers and friends; and it also decides where my second stage of life's aiming to! However, i'll be never scared of step into the last year of my school life, in another word, I'm really looking forward and excited!对于进入高中最后一年的生活我非常期待。这一年对于我来说意义重大;他不仅仅说明我要告别我的母校,老师和好友,更意味着我下一阶段的人生的目标到底指向何方!无论如何,我决不会因为将要踏入下一阶段的人生而感到恐惧。换一句话说,我倒是非常期待与兴奋!这位朋友,我劝你想要学好英文就要用英文的思维方式来思考。我上面写的那一段,别看我的翻译。翻译只是给我的英文文章做的标注,真正看的应该是那段英文。只是想给个提醒。。

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High school period is regarded as the best one in a person's life ,during which senior three is the most important part and i'm going to be a senior three student. here are some of myperspectives. Time in senior three means a lot to me. first of all,I should go through many more practices of all subjects than ever before to consolidate the knowledge learned;second of all,every test must be made full use is known to us that all kinds of tests consist most part of senior three students' life,so i will try to cherish every test in order to make progress and find what’s need noticing or improving;most of all ,senior three students shoulder too many burdens and hopes ,which creats much press for every one should take good care of one saying goes that”If you work out for an hour a day, you will work for 50 years healthy and live a lifelong happy life.” always keep it in mind and put it into practice.版权所有,翻版必究!!!

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Today was the first day of my new life. I looked at my new books and checked everything for the new school year. I was excited as well as worried.


Entering new school, I was curious about everything, new classrooms, new teachers, new clas *** ates etc. It would be a new start for each student. And what I was worried about is that I had no friends here. I wondered if no liked to play with me. Were the teachers strict with students?


I fell relaxed when the teacher asked me, ''What else could I help you, freshman?". I found that the teachers were kind and polite, and the clas *** ates around me were friendly. While I was thinking about how to get on well with my clas *** ates, my desk mate showed me his favorite Ipad4s. He wanted to play with me, but I didn't know how to play, so he taught me patiently, and we played happily.


Worries have gone, and happiness is ing.



High school is regarded as the best time of my life. Besides classes and homework, there’s something more that I especially treasure. In order to leave school with no regrets, I’ll make the best of my limited time to go over the lessons I’ve learned. At the same time, I’d like to show my gratitude to all the teachers who have given me so much help in the past three years. In addition, it’s necessary for me to have a talk with whoever might have misunderstood me, for I do care about the friendship between us. For the purpose of improving myself, I’ll ask my clas *** ates for some advice which may be of great value to me. Last but not least, doing another good deed for my class is also my plan. With these things done, I will have no regrets in my high school life.


The new semester has started more than a week, I slowly adapted to the new life in high school. High school gave me the biggest feeling is busy all day long, because of class, the teacher will give us a lot of homework. At 7 in the morning and two morning readingto Chinese and English. After that, there are four classes in the morning, also has four classes in the afternoon. The high school curriculum is much higher than the junior middle school, such as Chinese, math, English, physics, chemistry, history, etc..Sometimes I am afraid of seeing so many books in my desk. In addition, the contents are much more difficult than and physics is the most difficult for me. No matter how hard I try, I can't learn the two families, which makes me very depressed. Therefore, the beginning of the new semester I must change my learning strategy, make my work more effective. In conclusion, although busy, my new school life is rich and beautiful.

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